Expert JackTight Product Reviews

JackTight Product Reviews by Expert Guitar Players and Working Pros

Read what industry leaders have to say about JackTight guitar tools.

Roger Sadowsky
Sadowsky Guitars

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As a full time professional guitar maker for 44 years, I have tried every “jack tightener” device to appear in the marketplace.   The new JackTight tools are, hands down, the best I have ever used!  Perfectly machined and packaged with a perfect companion wrench, the JackTight is THE tool for any guitar repair person, builder, road tech or player.   I cannot recommend the JackTight highly enough!   Don’t wait until you need one….get one now and have it when you need it!

Herman Eng
On Tour with Sting and Paul Simon

Herman Eng, Guitar ER West, Los Angeles“I’m a backline technician and guitar tech for the Paul Simon and Sting international tour 2015. I’m taking my JackTight with me because jacks come loose all the time on tour and nothing works faster or better than a JackTight. Truly an innovative and useful tool.”

Andy JonesAndy Jones
Former Van Morrison and Cllff Richard guitarist

As for the JackTight, I would say that every guitar player who plays through an amplifier needs one of these things (every sound engineer and guitar tech too). I won’t leave for a gig without it.

Mason Razavi,
Guitarist, Composer, Educator

Mason Razavi TestimonialThis is a great tool that I highly recommend to any working guitarist. Time is at a premium when setting up for a concert, and the last thing you want to deal with is finding the right tools to fix a loose jack on a guitar or pedal. The Jacktight is innovative in that it provides a quick and easy solution to a common problem without having to open up your instrument or risk damaging the finish.

Adam Levy,
Solo artist and former Norah Jones guitarist

JackTight Product review by Adam LevyI’m not the handiest of fellows. I’ll usually take even the simplest repair to a professional. But when the input jack started to come loose on one of my favorite pedals, I figured I could probably fix it myself with a JackTight tool kit. Lo and behold—in under two minutes, the jack was fixed and my pedal was back in action. Now I know I can keep the jacks tight on all of my gear—pedals, guitars, and amps. Fantastic.

John Paiva,John Pavia, Jazz Guitar Player
Performed with The Drifters, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons,
The Four Tops, The Ronettes, Bo Diddley, and more.

I have played guitar professionally for almost fifty years now and can’t remember how many times I had the loose jack problem. It always happens when on a gig and no music repair shop is around. Lots of frustration. Recently searching the web, I found “JackTight,” it looked great on the video. So for the totally reasonable price, I ordered the tool with the wrench. What testimonial can I better give than this. The tool works as advertised. It’s just great. I have gone to all my guitars today and tightened the jacks, just cause I can. I am confident that I am prepared for that next loose jack. Thanks Chris for a great product.


Bruce FormanBruce Forman, Jazz Guitar Player
Jazz Guitarist

The JackTight tool is an essential addition to my arsenal of guitar-helpers in my case. I don’t need to fret about a loose jack ever again…which always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. Easy to use, super compact and handy…how did I ever make it without one?

Joe “Handyman” Negri
Jazz Guitarist

Joe "Handyman" NegriJust received my brand new JackTight. I’m somewhat of an unhandy “Handyman” but, I found the JackTight functional and easy to use. My luthier and guitar technician is also big fan of the JackTight. Many thanks.


Ryan Thorell,
Owner and Master Luthier of Thorell Fine GuitarsRyan Thorell, Expert Luthier

I just got your jack tight tool. I love it! Built to last and super easy to use. Great work!

Beans Sousa
Singer, Songwriter, Studio Musician and former Lacy J. Dalton Guitarist

Beans Sousa, GuitaristI gig and travel a lot, and a loose input jack before a show is a total inconvenience.  I stumbled across the JackTight while searching the Internet for a solution on how to fix loose input jacks on my guitars. I’ve needed JackTight for years and it’s going on the road with me. Love it!!

Az Samad, Az Samad | JackTight Electric review
Malaysian Guitar Virtuoso & Professional Educator

The JackTight is an essential part of the modern professional guitarist’s toolkit. It stays in my gig bag and now saves the day when needed, anytime!

Jacques LesureJacques Lesure
So. California Jazz Guitar Pro

JackTight is one of the most useful and NECESSARY tools a guitarist can have in his gig bag! Get one TODAY!”

Tony PulizziTony Pulizzi, LA Guitarist
Los Angeles Guitarist,  Performances with American Idol and Natalie Cole

Thank you JackTight for delivering a great answer to a problem that has plagued all guitarists!! I’ll travel with this from now on… Every guitarist and tech should have one!!

Mike Carparelli Product ReviewMike Carparelli
CEO & Founder Carparelli Guitars

Great product! got mine a couple weeks ago and finally got to use it last night. I tell ya it saves tons of time, very easy to use, great solid tool and will be in all my tool benches from now on! As owner of a guitar company, we can certainly use the best tools available for our techs. Thank you for bringing such a great little tool to the guitar industry!

Jamie Holka
West New York’s Hardest working Fingerstyle Guitarist

Jamie Holka MusicI just wanted to turn all my guitar head friends on to a new product called JackTight. We’ve all had our input jacks on our guitars come loose from time to time.The proper way to tighten it has always been to un-screw the entire jack as not to disconnect the wires inside by twisting the whole unit. This device allows you to stablize the inner jack so you can tighten without taking the whole thing apart. My friend Chris Shahin from San Jose has developed a real time saver here. Great for all players and especially guitar techs.Go to and check it out.

Frank Markovich
Assosciate Professor of Guitar Studies at Foothill College

Frank MarkovichThis tool works great!  I have now placed it in my tool kit that I take to gigs.  I have used it on two guitars and it solved the loose jack problem on both of them.  Some guitars are very difficult to tighten the nut any other way.  My Gibson L5CES is particularly a problem guitar.  The jack is constantly coming loose but now I do have a solution.  I was able to tighten up the jack with no problems.  Last week at a gig the guitar started acting up due to the loose jack.  Today I used the JackTight and it now is fine.