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What a fantastic piece of kit, sorted out 7 of my guitars – even my les Paul custom’s jack socket was very loose, something you wouldn’t expect from a high end guitar- I’m going to let my guitarist and luthier friends know all about it I’m so impressed.

Thank you very much for inventing it!

Paul G.

Got my JackTight today …………………………………… It’s FREAK’N GREAT !!!!!!! I had 3 guitars with loose jacks. Now they’re all tight, it took 2 minutes, all with no damage whatsoever. Thank you so much for making this product!

Bob M.

Lets put it simples: great tool. I have 6 Guitars (2 Stratocasters, 01 Les Paul, 1 Guild Starfire V, 1 Sigma Acoustics and a Fender Bass) plus many stomp boxes. Once in a month one jack loosen up. This took me 5 seconds to fix it. 5 out of 5!!!!

Andre T.,
Amazon Customer

Nothing tricky here. I have 8 guitars with input jacks. At least once a month one starts to get loose. They can be tricky to tighten. I had and Epiphone Casino with a very short jack and it fell inside when I started to tighten it. That was the end of the line after paying $35 to get it fished out after hours of frustration. No more awkward solutions to dealing with this issue. This basic easy to use tool 100% solves the problem. I wish I would have gotten one the day they became available. If you ever have loose input jacks and do not have a simple, elegant and quick solution, you cannot beat this.

Amazon Customer

 5.0 out of 5 stars
I did not know I needed one.
I am new to guitar and am primarily teaching myself via Youtube. When my input jack became loose, I learned that it is a common occurrence. I turned to Youtube again for answers and found Jacktight. It works really well and is easy to use.

by JB, Amazon Customer


Item arrived 27 March 2012, fast delivery. Very well engineered product. Simple, safe and effective. I had an annoying resonant buzz from a loose jack socket on my hollowbody archtop guitar; easily fixed in seconds with the aid of JackTight. Highly recommended accessory. Thank you.

Peter W.
Vienna, Austria

5 out of 5 stars. Works! This is a handy tool for dealing with loose jacks, it works as claimed. I am a big fan of “simple is better” and this is a marvel of function over complication.

Jay F.
Amazon Customer

[JackTight] works perfect and I´m sure that it will be a must have in my guitar wrenches box. I´ll recommend your product to my guitar friends.

Zamora, Spain

Great product and only exceeded by the prompt delivery. I ordered this on a Sunday afternoon…it arrived in Tuesday’s mail delivery.

Paul S.(March 26, 2013)
Amazon Customer

I’ve mentioned your product to a few fellow guitarists already and they very interested.  Thank you once again for a great product.  Your invention is certainly a simple solution to common vexing problem.

David L.

Chris, Jacktight  order arrived today…love the tool!  Great Service! Thanks.


“The Jacktight is a tool built really well and behaves very well in its multiple uses. I play in a live band and Jacktight was the instrument I wanted to quickly solve all the little problems that often occur during live performances! Compliments.”


Often when one wants to tighten a loose nut on a jack, the whole jack will turn making it impossible to tighten without taking the amp/guitar jack apart. I have found the JackTight™ tool an extremely useful and time–saving little device – with it i can tighten up guitar jacks and amp jacks without having to disassemble anything. It’s about time someone has designed something like this. I love it.

Bill Cefalu, Guitar Instructor
Santa Clara University / SJG School of Music

JackTight works great on my ’65 Jazz Bass–a perfect tool for my bass. Thanks.

Andreas Manns

Finally! A tool that makes the most common electric guitar adjustment easier. I’ve waited 18 years for this.

Mark Arroyo, Guitarist | Guitar Instructor
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Ive got your tool by internet and it really works and you’ve made me really happy and help to resolve a hugh problem with my guitars. I’ve recommended JackTight in Facebook to a group of Spanish musicians. Thanks from Spain!

Coto | Guitarist

I have dealt with the problem of having a loose output jack on my electric guitar many times; it can be a major pain to repair especially if you don’t have the tools required. When I first used JackTight™, I immediately thought ” Wow this is going to save me tons of time!” The JackTight™ is incredibly easy to use . It’ s simple and straightforward design allows pretty much anybody to use it. For me, the feeling to be able to tighten the output jack of my guitar at any time is amazing. Thanks Chris for developing such an awesome product.

Keenan F, Guitarist
San Jose, California

I ordered and received the JackTight tool on Wednesday, 3/16/2011.  I placed it in my gear bag and a few hours later headed off for a gig.  During the soundcheck I discovered that the nut on my guitar’s jack input was loose.  (Is this serendipity, or what!)  With the JackTight I was able to fix the problem in under two minutes.  Thank you for producing an indispensable tool for us guitarists and bassists. I’ll most likely order a couple of more as birthday gifts for fellow guitarists.

Ed Doyle, Jazz Guitarist
Phoenix, Arizona

JackTight is a fantastic innovation that make’s that “nuisance of a loose output jack” no problem to deal with! With its super-portable design, JackTight™ fits in any guitar case or accessory pocket. It makes the guitar player’s life easy!

Gordon Keller, Guitarist
The Hillpeople

JackTight is an awesome tool that is very useful.  My output jack is always coming loose on my guitar, but thanks to the JackTight, I am effectively able to tighten it.  I will definitely be keeping it with my gear.

Matthew Von Schriltz, Guitarist
San Jose, CA

Thank you very much. Excellent Tool … I have needed something like this forever!

Steven Capps, Guitarist
Chattanooga, TN