Frequently Asked Questions about JackTight

How does JackTight work?

Do you any need other tools for a repair job other than JackTight?

Can you use JackTight on any guitar or bass?

  • Yes, any electric guitar or bass with a standard 1/4 inch input jack.

Can you use JackTight on acoustic guitars with an end-pin or output jack?

  • Yes, JackTight Acoustic is designed for acoustic guitar (and related instruments ) with an 1/4’”end-pin or output jack.

JackTight works on Strats too!

Can you use JackTight on a Stratocaster stlye guitar?

  • Yes, JackTight fits and works on most Strat style guitars . Because of the recessed jacks found on these guitars access to the nut is problematic. It’s best to use a thin walled, closed-ended wrench for this type of job.
  • The JackTight Wrench won’t work on these guitars. See photo.


What is the difference between JackTight Electric and JackTight Acoustic?

  • The diameter of each tool is the same but the tips are different lengths. End pin jacks ( for acoustic guitars) are generally shallower and the JackTight Electric tool will not fully fit in to properly work. JackTight Acoustic has a shorter head length and tubing to fit in most acoustic guitar endpin jacks and output jacks and do the job properly.

Can you use JackTight to tighten the input jack on an amplifier?

  • Though JackTight is designed for guitar and basses it has been used successfully on some amp input jacks. Use only if the input jack is the same type as those on guitars basses. If you are not sure, do not attempt this repair.  Please remember to FIRST UNPLUG YOUR AMP!

Can you use JackTight to tighten other jacks on effect pedals or mixing boards?

  • Yes JackTight can be used on almost any ¼”  jack where there is access to tightening the nut.

Is the JackTight tubing replaceable?

Does JackTight come in different colors?