About JackTight

JackTight guitar maintenance tools were invented by San Jose guitarist and teacher Chris Shahin out of a need to help his students care for their guitars.

JackTight guitar maintenance tools

JackTight in Action

Says Shahin,

“At least once a week a student would come in with a loose output jack on their guitar. Often the jack was so loose that the wires would twist and the guitar would start to short out. There are ways of tightening the jack but it was always hard to hold the jack in place so that I could really tighten the thing well. I was always looking for a tool that would do the job of stabilizing the jack. I’m not an inventor per se but I came up with this idea and it works. I think you’ll find it very easy to maintain your guitar output jack with JackTight and get back to the real job of making music. “

To view a tutorial on how to use JackTight, please click here.