JackTight Acoustic Guitar Output Jack Repair Kit

JackTight Acoustic is a specially designed tool for tightening end-pin and output jacks of acoustic guitars. This tool sports a smaller head tip and shorter length of tubing (than JackTight Electric) for easy tightening on most acoustic guitars. Package includes 1 JackTight Acoustic tool and a one-of-a-kind wrench for tightening the output jack of most guitars. This slim wrench is ½ inch on one side and 12mm on the other. A must-have tool in every acoustic guitarist's toolbox!

Domestic S&H (within the USA): $4.50
International S&H: $8.50

JackTight Acoustic is a revolutionary and simple-to-use tool for tightening the end-pin and output jacks of most acoustic guitars.

JackTight Acoustic stabilizes and holds the output jack in place so the nut can be tightened without the jack spinning.

JackTight Acoustic simply and effectively solves one of the most common maintenance issues for acoustic guitarists.

Made of durable aluminum, brass and steel.

See a video demonstration of JackTight Acoustic.

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Price: $20.99

Shipping: $4.50

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