How to Fix a Loose Output Jack on a Guitar

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How to Repair Guitar Jacks: 5 Jack Repairs in Under 3 Minutes!

How easy is it to repair a loose output jack with JackTight? Check out this new video showing five guitar jack repairs in under 3 minutes.

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Save for the cost of guitar repairs with JackTightIn our survey at JackTight USA, we contacted 50 guitar repair shops throughout the U.S. to get an estimate on cost of repairing or replacing an output jack. This would be the cost of not maintaining your guitar jack and possibly having the wire short out. Then, you would have to take your guitar to a repair shop to replace or resolder the output jack.

We called shops in most of the major metropolitan areas including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston Miami and shops in Texas, Nevada and Arizona, as well as smaller–sized regions. We called major chain stores and independent repair shops.

We asked the question:

“What would it cost to repair or replace an output jack on a Stratocaster style guitar?”

(We asked about a Stratocaster because this would be the easiest replacement job of most guitars, as the jack is easily accessible.)

From the 50 shops we called the average cost of repairing or replacing an output jack on one Stratocaster was was $22.34.

At $19.99 (plus shipping), JackTight guitar tools would allow you to maintain your guitar over the lifetime of your instrument and save money and time. If you own more than 1 guitar (as many people do), the savings is tremendous. Finally, you will save yourself the inconvenience of having to leave your guitar at a shop overnight to be repaired.

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How to Fix Loose Output Jack on Guitar

See how JackTight Electric easily fixes the loose output jack on an electric guitar.

How to Fix Loose Output Jack on Acoustic Guitar

JackTight Acoustic is a specially designed tool for tightening end-pin and output jacks of acoustic guitars. This tool sports a smaller head tip and shorter length of tubing (than JackTight Electric) for easy tightening on most acoustic guitars. A must-have tool in every acoustic guitarist’s toolbox! See video demo of JackTight Acoustic.